East Kern - Curt Hildebrand Hydrostor.jpg

Curt Hildebrand, senior vice president, commercial affairs, provided an update on Hydrostor’s Willow Rock Energy Storage Center near Rosamond during the May 18 meeting of the East Kern Economic Alliance.

From recycled water and long-duration energy storage in Rosamond to continued prospects for the Mojave Inland Port and retail development in Ridgecrest and Tehachapi, there were plenty of stories for east Kern enthusiasts to share at a meeting in Tehachapi on May 18.

The East Kern Economic Alliance is sponsored by the Kern County Economic Development Corp., and members generally meet on the second Thursday of each month at various locations. This month’s meeting was held at The Village Collective, with Tehachapi City Councilwoman Susan Wiggins welcoming about 50 attendees.