fiddlers crossing

Peter Cutler and Deborah Hand-Cutler at their venue, Fiddlers Crossing, with popular duo Berkley Hart looking on.

Tehachapi's most intimate concert venue will soon reopen its doors, much to the anticipation of its fans.

Fiddlers Crossing announced last week that it will celebrate its return to live entertainment, aiming as soon as this August, possibly September.

Owners Peter Cutler and Deborah Hand-Cutler said they are ramping up to bring back First Fridays and Open Mic Wednesdays.

Since the pandemic lockdown, Fiddlers Crossing has been continuing Open Mic nights via Zoom.

"What's happened is we built up this incredible group of people, a lot of them from L.A. and Orange County and such. They are loving it, and are really talented people," said Cutler.

Although Open Mic has been a success virtually, the owners want to return to featuring the more intimate concerts they are known and loved for, splitting Open Mics nights between virtual versus in person, one week live and one week online.

As far as concerts go, Fiddlers Crossing is planning for its first live concert to feature Western performer Dave Stamey at Mountain Bible Church sometime in late October.

Tickets are expected to go on sale in September.

In addition, Fiddlers Crossing is planning its Celtic Christmas Show at Mountain Bible Church to be featured at the end of the year.

Fiddlers Crossing has historically featured two ticketed shows at its own venue, located at 206 E. F St., in downtown Tehachapi. Moving forward, Cutler and Hand-Cutler said they will feature one ticketed show a month, which they believe will be more manageable. 

Said Cutler, "We are ramping up, we are going to bring these shows back. It's just not going to happen all at once."

Surviving the mandatory closure as an entertainment venue during the coronavirus pandemic, Cutler and Hand-Cutler said they are anxious to return to doing what they love most: bringing music to the hills of Tehachapi.

"We are still trying to think through on what we want to do... It's all hard work, and we had a blast doing it, but we didn't realize until the pandemic how much work it actually is and what kind of toll it takes on us," Hand-Cutler said.

Once concerts return to the Fiddlers Crossing venue, Cutler and Hand-Cutler said they plan to operate at full capacity, and request that anyone who has not been vaccinated to please wear a mask. 

"We knew the pandemic was the end for awhile, we just hoped it wasn't the end forever," Hand-Cutler said. "We were able to carry our needs, since we own the building, and now we can open again."

As always, coffee and goodies will be included. 

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