Kern County firefighters from across the Tehachapi Valley responded to a fire call Thursday morning in Cummings Valley near the intersection of Arosa and Banducci roads, quickly taking care of a fire that grew to more than six acres.

Initial reports were that a hillside with tall dry grass and oak trees was on fire and that the flames were moving east, uphill toward several buildings.

Additional fire equipment, including air tankers, was dispatched from Porterville, but was canceled as Kern firefighters quickly stopped the flames' forward motion. Fire helicopter 408 continued to make water drops, assisting ground crews.

No injuries were reported and no structures were lost.

Kern County Fire PIO Andrew Freeborn said the preliminary investigation as to cause was a neighbor “weed whacking.”

“A spark was made and the fire ensued," he said.

Freeborn reminds the public that when removing weeds, do it early in the morning and have a way to extinguish any sparks. Have a pail of water at your side, a charged garden hose, or a shovel to throw dirt.

Freeborn stated that Kern Fire’s wildland fire strategy is "to hit it hard and keep it small."

“We call for additional firefighting resources early on," Freeborn said. "We can always turn them back around after our initial on-scene size-up.”