The former general manager of Bear Valley Springs Community Service District has been charged with embezzlement following an investigation by the Kern County District Attorney’s office. David Edmonds has been charged on suspicion of eight counts of felony embezzlement by a public officer and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Edmonds, who served as the district’s general manager from July 2014 to June 2018, announced he would be going on medical leave due to a health condition in May 2018. At the time, he stated he would not likely return to his position and requested the district look for a replacement.

On June 24, BVCSD Police Chief Tim Melanson told Tehachapi News that Edmonds had, on multiple occasions, returned office supplies and equipment purchased on a district credit card. Instead of crediting the returns back to the district’s account, Edmonds is accused of obtaining gift cards — valued at approximately $5,000 — and using them to purchase items for his personal use. 

Melanson said he began a criminal investigation after discrepancies were brought to his attention by BVCSD financial personnel, and not by outside sources.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel said his office is expecting Edmonds to voluntarily surrender on his arrest warrant, at which time bail will be set at $200,000. 

"We expect the surrender to happen very soon," said Kinzel. "Once he surrenders or is arrested on the warrant, the first thing will be the arraignment, which usually happens within 48 hours, depending on the weekends."

Kinzel went on to say that Edmonds is aware of the investigation, and has already contacted an attorney.

Said Kinzel, "At any given point, he does not surrender in a reasonable amount of time, he can be arrested."

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