Construction started Monday on Tehachap's much-anticipated Loop Train Overlook Viewing Platform. Safety concerns are now being addressed and rail fans will have an enhanced and safer viewing experience. The platform will allow viewers to be safely off the roadway shoulder for watching the trains.

Over the last 100-plus years, thousands of visitors from around the world have come to view this “railroad engineering marvel.” They have come to view long freight trains wrap around a mountain and then cross over themselves as they gain elevation up the steep mountain on in its way through Tehachapi and then down to the floor of the Mojave Desert

Currently viewers have to stand along a narrow shoulder of roadway on Woodford Tehachapi Road, a narrow, mountainous two-lane road. Viewers often must stand single file along the road's narrow shoulder to observe trains climbing up the mountain. All the while, westbound auto traffic passes just mere feet from the viewers' backs.

Spearheaded by the Friends of the Tehachapi Depot with the combined efforts of Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner, the city of Tehachapi, many local private corporate donors, and local citizens' contributions, the project all came together and broke ground. Griffith Construction Company has the contract and is aiming for a mid-July or sooner completion date