King of Siam restaurant in Tehachapi was closed Monday after the Kern County Public Health Services Department observed violations during an inspection.

According to the department's Inspection Violations Report, the restaurant, located at 760 Tucker Road, Suite B, was found to have live cockroaches in the food preparation area by the dishwasher. In addition, cockroaches were observed exiting from the ceiling tiles.

According to the inspection report, an employee of the restaurant expressed knowledge of the cockroach problem.

Other violations included food debris observed on the walls, floors, under equipment, in between fryers and on food contact surfaces throughout the facility.

In order to reopen, the restaurant must wash, de-grease and sanitize all food contact surfaces to "prevent the harborage of vermin," according to the inspection report. In addition, all storage shelves and racks must be moved and cleaned and all entry points for vermin must be abated. All ceiling tiles must also be checked for infestation.

King of Siam received an inspection score of 62 percent, down from a previous inspection score of 94 percent it received on April 8. A passing score of 70 is required by law to remain open.

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