The Kern County Board of Supervisors expects to create new boundaries for the county’s five supervisorial districts at its meeting Nov. 16. Agenda information will be online at

The board planned to take testimony concerning alternate plans for adjusting boundaries in keeping with Census 2020 data, regulations and court rulings at a special meeting set for 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 8. 

Prior to that meeting the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council issued an urgent call for members to provide feedback to the board with an aim of ensuring that eastern Kern County will continue to be divided into two districts.

Currently, all of the Tehachapi area is part of Supervisorial District 2, represented by Zack Scrivner. The district extends east to the San Bernardino County line, including Mojave, Rosamond and California City. A westward portion of the district includes Taft and Maricopa.

The northern part of eastern Kern County, as well as the Rosedale area of Bakersfield, is designated as Supervisorial District 1 and includes the Kern River Valley communities as well as the city of Ridgecrest. This area is currently represented by Supervisor Phillip Peters.

Using data from the 2020 Census, the county board is required to ensure that districts have equivalent populations. And in keeping with a 2018 court order, at least two of the five districts must have Latino-majority populations.

Several proposals were brought to the board and all but two proposals would essentially combine all of eastern Kern County into one district while creating another district in the San Joaquin Valley.

In an email, the GTEDC board called on members to send feedback to the board to support either Kern County Draft Plan A or Kern County Draft Plan A2. Both maps keep the current composition of having two supervisors represent eastern Kern County.

"Others have proposed additional maps that focus only on the metropolitan areas in the Valley and would strip the economically-diverse eastern Kern County of our logical and fair representation from two board members to one," the GTEDC board said in an email to members.