Loud, highly energetic supporters of President Trump filled the sidewalks at the intersection of Valley Boulevard and Tucker Road Friday afternoon for their third campaign rally. 

From the Albertsons driveway on Tucker Road on up to the intersection of Valley Boulevard, around the corner westerly to McDonald's restaurant, Trump supporters, in some places two and three people deep, lined the sidewalks to the north and west.

The eastern side of the intersection was packed with multiple layers of supporters, largely defying COVID-19 social distancing and mask protocols, as was the southern side of the intersection from SaveMart on around the corner to the Great Wall restaurant driveway.

Local organizer Craig Luther estimated “nearly 1,000 supporters” were on hand for Friday’s rally.

“This is the third rally we have held and in each instance we have doubled the turnout,” Luther said.

Friday's rally was much larger than in the past, with easily 800 or more supporters attending over the life of the scheduled two-hour event.

Local supporters for a Biden/Harris presidency are scheduled to hold their second rally on Sunday, Oct. 18.

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