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What's on your bucket list for 2021?

After spending most of 2020 in lockdown, a funny thing began to happen. Many of us found we had more time on our hands than usual since we were not traveling, going to restaurants and visiting with friends and family in person.

But out of all that phooey came this notion: You can quarantine our bodies, but you can't quarantine our imaginations!

And with that, we began to dream. Dreams of what we want in life, ways to improve ourselves, and most of all, plans for the future.

Tehachapi News reached out to readers and asked them to share their dreams with us via the ever-popular Bucket List.

This is what they had to say:

Grunge Hobbit (Darline Hartman): I want to ride a century on my bicycle and do more hiking.

Christina DeAustria Branson to Grunge Hobbit: We need to do it!

Grunge Hobbit to Christina DeAustria Branson: 2021.. We will do it, Christine... A century.

Jessica Southward: I was supposed to go to Scotland in August with much of my extended family to spread my grandmother’s ashes. She passed away in June of 2019. Much of her family still lives there so I was going to get to meet lots of cousins! But more importantly, it was going to be sweet time together to celebrate her life and her/our heritage. I really hope we will get to go next year. (Side note: she was once the Tehachapi Mother of the Year).

While over there I hope to also fulfill my dream of visiting, and cycling through, the Shetland islands.

Dahnielle Hibbert: Go back to a movie theater!

J.D. Fiske: Not wearing a mask. Not stressing about COVID. Eating IN a restaurant. Going TO church. There’s so many. How sad is it that my “bucket list” consists of everyday “freedoms?”

Alyssabeth Burwell: Go to my first drive-in movie, go out more in general, camp at El Capitan with family, go to Hawaii.

Charley Harris Tailor: Move to Scotland.

Garagio to Charley Harris Tailor: I've been thinking a lot about Scotland too.

Alyssabeth Burwell to Charley Harris Tailor: Me too!!!!

Nancy Valle Cortez: Travel 2021 See Places We Haven't Seen in USA.

Luis Manso: Disneyland

Valerie Locke Kreutz: I’ve been singing this song for awhile. "If We Make It Through December" by Merle Haggard.

Denise Moodispaugh: GTH out of California.

Casey Clayton: Get the heck out of California!

Tom Denice Lash: Moving from California.

Scott Plude: My bucket list item will be finding out what is being built next to the Starbucks.

Chrissy Abbitt-Yost: For the country to get back to normal.

Melissa Jo Kitchell: Seeing the northern lights.

Kristin Bailey Girvan: Taking a vacation to Little Rock, Ark., representing Tehachapi/CA at this nugget's National Pageant!

Belen Ortiz to Melissa Jo Kitchell: Always wanted to go to Nova Scotia now thinking maybe the top of Washington.

As for me, I want to go shark diving and see a Great White up close! Maybe not in 2021, but soon! Yee haw!

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