The Tehachapi City Council voted unanimously during a special board meeting Thursday to forgo holding a general municipal election in November because there are no challengers for the spots that would have been up for a vote.

Every four years, a general municipal election is held in consolidation with the statewide general election the first Tuesday of November for the following four offices: city council members for District 2 and 3, city clerk and city treasurer.

Christina Scrivner currently holds the District 2 seat, after being appointed to finish the term of Kenneth R. Hetge, who resigned from the council in January. Michael Davies holds the District 3 seat. Nobody filed to challenge Scrivner or Davies in November.

According to City Manager Greg Garrett, City Treasurer Susan Showler did not file to run again for the position. Stacy Curry was the only person to file for that position, and was appointed. 

Garrett also said that City Clerk Tory Marsh was the only person to put in for that position, so she went unchallenged.

"If you look at the election rule book, you advertise in local papers ... and, there is a very strict process that you have to follow," said Garrett. "Nobody applied to those offices."

Garrett went on to say that, since all four offices went unchallenged, the City Council voted to approve the resolution and not hold a general municipal election to spare the costly expense.

"It would cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to have an election of no consequence," said Garrett.

Since the City Council passed the resolution to not hold an election, Garrett said the city will ask county elections officials not to list those races on the ballot.

By doing so, Garrett estimated that the city of Tehachapi saved $10,000 to $25,000.

Said Garrett, "Now, all of the doors have been shut... The potential time frame to apply, and the extension to apply, has been closed. By default, those four positions remain unchallenged." 

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