With much excitement, equestrian lovers in Bear Valley Springs held their August playday Saturday.

Social distancing was common practice, and when the individual contestants were near others, they stayed mounted, awaiting their turn to participate. Events included equestrian favorites such as Poles, Barrels, Keystone, and “Mystery” events.

Buckaroo Club Board President Jeff Kermode was on hand and said, “The Buckaroos are a long-standing Bear Valley Springs Equestrian Club committed to preserving our western heritage, improving horsemanship, promoting friendship and having fun."

The riders of various ages and riding levels, along with their horses, were given a series of events aimed at testing both horse and rider for agility and skill. Hours of training by horse and rider went into every competitive event.

Buckaroo Club Vice President Erika Underwood hosts horsemanship practice and workshop sessions at the BVS Equestrian Center during the weekday for anyone, of any age, interested in improving their skills for  future playday events.

The next scheduled playday is Sept. 12.

The BVS Greenhorn Club sponsors the summer Team Sorting events. Livestock from local ranches are rotated in and out over the summer months for the club's various weekday and weekend practice sessions. Following the traditions and needs associated with a working ranch, both rider and horse learn to work in “unison as a team and working calmly” as they go about moving cows around from one area to another.

Information on the BVS Buckaroo Club can be found on the Bear Valley Springs Buckaroos Facebook page. Greenhorn Club information can be obtained by contacting Don McLaughlin at 909-801-9631.

Competition results:

Leadline (where an adult leads and runs with the horse and rider): Carter Akerly

Ages 12 and under: Elena Perez

Ages 13-17: Sterling Nicholas

Ages 18 and over: Abby Sturn

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