More than a dozen sign-carrying demonstrators at the intersection of Tucker Road and West Valley Boulevard on Sunday afternoon called for less intrusive and less restrictive state-mandated church guidelines as it pertains to the methods used during religious participation within Tehachapi houses of worship.

The inter-denominational group was at all four corners of the heavily traveled intersection.

Loosely assembled by a group of like-minded individuals involving a cross-section of religious beliefs in the community, sign carrier John Tyson said religion is being “discriminated against” by political leaders during this time of COVID-19.

People cited the mandates of social distancing and restrictions on the number of people who could assemble in a house of worship.

Participant Erika Goodwin said the COVID-19 lockdown of churches and limits on how services are conducted are far too intrusive.

“We need our voices heard (choir),” and we need “human interaction” within our services, she said.

Fellow demonstrator Anne Howell said, “Our religious freedoms to practice as we see fit” are being trampled on by political leaders. She cited social distancing, no song singing or chanting, and no choir music as impediments to the freedom of constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment religious rights.

“Now, more then ever, we need our church doors fully open and our voices heard," Howell said.

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