A walk-up Nativity scene was created in the outdoor patio area of Tehachapi United Congregational Church following the Sunday morning Zoom pastoral message.

The religious service and Nativity ceremony were Zoomed to members of the congregation. For those attending, the Nativity tableau was held after service following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Live actors, dressed in period-appropriate clothing, recreated the manger scene from the story of the birth of baby Jesus. Church members took on the roles of shepherds, a camel and innkeeper. Real-life parents Alysia Gripkey-Bailey was Mary and Chris Gripkey was Joseph. Baby Jesus was played by their son, Quentin.

As masked and socially distanced church members arrived to view the tableau, Pastor Nancy Bacon retold the biblical story of the birth of Jesus and led visitors in song before serving hot cider and commercially pre-wrapped gingerbread cookies.

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