Dubbed a Down Home Reverse Christmas Parade, the promoters' idea was simple.

“Instead of you going to the parade, let’s take the parade to you,” said Jenn Michael. She and her husband, Rodney, along with friends, shared their idea with others and by word of mouth. Well over three dozen vehicles showed up to form a caravan of holiday lighted and festively decorated trucks, cars, motorcycles, towed trailers, a flatbed semi trailer and a towed boat.

Even Santa himself was seen as the parade drove through Tehachapi neighborhoods Saturday evening.

A short announcement and route map were posted on social media Saturday morning. Word spread quickly of the intended parade and its route. The community responded approvingly as most every intersection and neighborhood street had viewers in cars or bundled, sitting on the curb. Many were in their own front yard lawn chairs waiting for the parade to arrive.

The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce had canceled its parade because of the pandemic.

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