A lively but short-lived winter storm bathed many parts of the Tehachapi Valley in a blanket of winter white powder Monday morning. Starting a little after midnight, rain and snow showers commenced.

Accumulations of snowfall remaining on the ground could be measured in mere centimeters. As the heavy wet flakes fell and stuck along Highline Road, just a few hundred feet lower, along Tehachapi Boulevard, there was only a very light dusting.

Even the temperature varied widely, with 26 degrees at Tehachapi High School and in the mid-30s at Bear Valley. By 8 a.m., enough snow had fallen to be of little trouble, but made for visual holiday magic. For a while, the storm was enough to close off Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road as well as Oak Creek Pass at Cameron Road as heaver amounts of snow fell over the pass to Mojave and the Antelope Valley.

By 9 a.m., after some light fog rolled through, it was all over. As quickly as it came, the storm dissipated and the morning sun with clear skies melted most of it.

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