The Tehachapi Planning Commission approved the final Master Development Plan for a new 238 single-family housing complex during a special board meeting held Oct. 26. 

During the meeting, Alex Emdadi, chief executive officer for Comprehend & Copy Nature, LLC., addressed the commision and fielded questions from the public on the construction of residential homes on lots ranging from 6,600 to 10,000 square feet with recreational amenities on approximately 57 acres at the northeast corner of Tucker and Highline roads.

"The architecture is what's called 'mountain modern,' and it's different from what most residences look like. It is a little higher density, with more dwelling units within the acreage," said Planning Commission Chairperson Charles White.

Mountain modern is characterized by clean lines, sharp edges, contrasting textures, earth-toned colors and oversized windows to let in natural light.

White went on to say that he felt the proposed site is ideal for development due to the open land surrounding the area versus a complex "being dropped into the middle of the city."

Preliminary plans for The ADDRESS at Tehachapi were submitted to the city's Planning Department in June 2019. The Planning Commission reviewed and approved the Preliminary Development Plan on Sept. 9, 2019.

"Since the PD is specifically intended to facilitate comprehensive site planning and building design of large parcels, the concept of routing The ADDRESS at Tehachapi through the PD zoning process was agreed upon between the city of Tehachapi and the applicant early in the process," wrote Jay Schlosser, development services director for the city of Tehachapi, in a staff report.

Since the proposed project is subject to the California Environmental Quality Act and no statutory or categorical exemptions apply, an Initial Study was prepared to determine the appropriate level of environmental review required. A public review period began June 10 and ended July 9.

According to Schlosser, the Initial Study concluded that the project, with mitigation, would not have a significant impact on the environment.

"Since the Planning Commission approved that document, we are scheduling it to go before the City Council most likely on Nov. 16 for them to make a decision," Schlosser said.

According to Emdadi, the price point for each home has not yet been determined.

"I am trying my best and I am commissioned to find the best way possible to make these premium design Porte-Coacher houses as affordable as possible for the future homeowner," Emdadi said.

Proposed community amenities include 2.15 acres allotted for a private clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, badminton or beach volleyball court, bocce ball or horseshoe area, outdoor table-tennis, chess and backgammon seating, outdoor exercise equipment, an outdoor seating area, water feature, organic garden, children’s playfield area, barbecue gathering area, social gathering area, golf putting area, and a golf pitching area or dog run. At the northwest corner of the project is a bicycle path connection to the Antelope Run bicycle path.

Asked what attracted the developer to Tehachapi, Emdadi said, "Everything about it. How clean and nice it is and the people that live here. I originally came here to look at a property for farming. I fell in love with the weather and I fell in love with the quality of the water and the fact that it is 4,100-plus feet about sea level and free from haze and pollution. I found the city very, very appealing. I knew from the beginning that Tehachapi is a gem."

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