A Tehachapi man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of posting criminal threats of a shooting at a local retailer on social media.

Kevyn Devereaux, 29, was arrested after allegedly posting photographs depicting an assault rifle, a TPD news release said. Upon interviewing Deveraux, police say he admitted to posting the threat through his social media account, but indicated he had no intention of carrying out the threat and was “messing around,” according to the news release.

Police said they were first made aware of the threats Sunday. Detectives conducted a search at Devereaux’s residence in the 21600 block of Brook Drive in Tehachapi. During the search, detectives found five firearms, including one assault rifle, as well as ammunition believed to belong to his roommate, according to the news release.

Devereaux was arrested and booked into Kern County Jail on two felony counts of threats, and is being held on $50,000 bail.

According to the court's website, he is scheduled to appear for felony arraignment Aug. 26 at the Kern County Superior Court, East Division, in Mojave.