Residents in areas of Stallion Springs and Bear Valley Springs who lost power can expect to have their power off until at least Saturday, according to a Kern County Sheriff’s Office release issued Friday.

“The weather event triggering the Public Safety Power Shutoff activation is predicted to continue until sometime on Saturday; that is the projected time when Southern California Edison can begin to check the status of their distribution circuits. The power won’t be restored until that process is complete,” said the release.

For those who require power for critical life medical equipment, resources are available at the following locations:

  • Stallion Springs Community Services District, 27800 Stallion Springs Drive, 661-822-3268
  • Whiting Center in Bear Valley Springs, 26940 Bear Valley, 661-861-3110

You can also contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center at 661-861-3110.

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