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From left to right, Jay Schlosser, city of Tehachapi; Cathy Williams, ASCE San Joaquin Branch President; and Ian Parks, lead designer for this project from Ruettgers & Schuler Civil Engineers.

The city of Tehachapi received the Outstanding Transportation Project engineering award from the American Society of Civil Engineers for the Tehachapi Rail Corridor Pedestrian Safety & Enhancement Project on Sept. 23, according to the city.

“A special thanks to the American Society of Civil Engineers for their recognition of the city of Tehachapi. The Railroad Safety project took many years to complete due to the complexity of working near the rail lines. While challenging, we think the results speak for themselves with a vastly more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment that was achieved without sacrificing vehicular capacity," said Jay Schlosser, the city's development services director, in the news release. "It is important to thank the Union Pacific who contributed a significant sum of their own funds to aid in the improvements. This is yet another step in improving Tehachapi’s historic downtown and we look forward to many more."

The work included sidewalks and fencing along H Street on the north side of the train tracks between Mill Street and Hayes Street, and sidewalks and crossings on the east and west sides of Green Street, Hayes Street and Dennison Road.

The $2.1 million project, funded by an Active Transportation Project grant, was finished in about a year.

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