the shed

Red House BBQ is now offering its full menu across the street at a drive-thru window at The Shed.

Hold on to you hats, ladies and gentlemen, because Red House BBQ has opened a drive-thru window serving all your barbecued favorites and sides.

After giving it much thought, owner Mano Lujan decided to open a drive-thru window at his other restaurant, The Shed, located across the street from Red House BBQ at 333 E. Tehachapi Blvd.

Effective Dec. 9, The Shed is serving as the Red House BBQ Drive Thru. 

"Red House Drive Thru will be a mirror of Red House BBQ. The exact same menu will be at both places. This means we are in complete compliance with the (COVID-19) situation and not only will my staff continue to work, but we are actually creating more jobs as we have hired a few more people and are looking for even a few more," Lujan wrote on the Red House BBQ Facebook page.

Patrons will also notice some changes at Red House BBQ.

"Please be understanding and patient as we deal with this and try and move in a forward direction," Lujan wrote. "I am not closing. I am not laying off staff. I'm fighting. I really don't care what other restaurants/establishments do. I'm focused on my staff, my family and the future of my establishment. I'm a worker... Other people can go home. Other people they can split. I will never stop. I will never quit."

The full menu will be served via drive-thru only, and no walk-ups or phone orders will be taken.

Patrons are asked to enter from the east side of the building and drive right up to the first sliding door to place an order.

Walk-ups and phone orders will still be served at Red House BBQ, 426 E. Tehachapi Blvd. Call 822-0772.

"We are hoping that this will help speed things up," wrote Lujan.

Also, soft drinks (iced tea and soda) will not have free refills since all food is to-go.

"Since we are doing single serving, the price will drop from $2.50 to $1.50. It is only fair," wrote Lujan.

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