Sabrina Limon and her lover, court documents say, had planned to poison her husband by placing arsenic in his favorite dessert: banana pudding.

According to the newly released court documents, Limon's former lover, Jonathan Hearn, admitted to the plot on Jan. 3, and detectives found arsenic trioxide in a garage during their investigation into the killing of Limon's husband. Hearn, 26, told detectives they eventually abandoned the plan over fears of getting caught.

Sabrina Limon was charged with murder, among other offenses, just days after Hearn told investigators about the plot.

Authorities allege Hearn gunned down Robert Limon, 38, at his workplace in Tehachapi months after the aborted poisoning attempt.

The court documents also say that investigators operated a wiretap on telephone conversations between Hearn and Sabrina Limon after the Aug. 17, 2014, killing. The two talked about the investigation and what detectives knew.

In a conversation on Nov. 17, 2014, Hearn told her, "They might have nothing. They might have everything."

According to the documents, Hearn told investigators that he and Sabrina Limon, 37, had been having an affair since August 2012. He said they engaged in hundreds of conversations regarding their future, some of them focusing on getting married.

Sabrina Limon said divorce was not an option, according to Hearn's statements to investigators. She said she didn't want to deal with child custody issues and taking her children back and forth for visitation.

According to Hearn, Sabrina Limon said she was concerned about her image in Helendale, a small, unincorporated community in San Bernardino County where she, her husband and their two children lived.

She feared a divorce would make her look bad and result in the mutual friends she and Robert Limon shared siding with her husband, the documents said.

Several months after the affair began, they started joking about killing Robert Limon, Hearn told detectives. Those jokes eventually turned into serious discussions in how to do away with him.

Hearn and Sabrina Limon discussed killing him in a car accident, a fire or poisoning, the documents said. They decided poisoning would be the best way to avoid getting caught.

Sabrina Limon provided Hearn with detailed information regarding her husband's medical background, according to documents. She told Hearn her husband had a rare medical condition that sometimes gave him stomach issues resulting in vomiting.

In deciding on something they were sure Robert Limon would eat, Sabrina Limon said they should poison banana pudding with "nilla wafers," his favorite dessert, the documents said.

Obtaining the arsenic wasn't easy.

Hearn told detectives he tried to get the poison from a few companies, but they required a background check. He said he eventually found a company that would send it to him, and made the $136.41 purchase using a prepaid credit card and a fictitious name.

The arsenic was delivered to Hearn's grandparents' studio, but it arrived on a day he couldn't pick it up, the documents said. Hearn said he was forced to go to a post office to collect the package.

Hearn told detectives Sabrina Limon said the poisoning should take place at her husband's workplace at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway complex in Tehachapi. She said the Tehachapi Hospital was disorganized enough that doctors wouldn't find the arsenic in her husband's blood.

They both agreed it would be better if the killing took place outside San Bernardino County.

Hearn researched how much arsenic would be needed to kill a human being, the documents said. That research included trying the arsenic out on a noisy neighborhood dog; Hearn noticed the animal was no longer around shortly after he gave it the poison.

Hearn said two batches of banana pudding with "nilla wafers" were made; a larger pan for Sabrina Limon's family, and a smaller amount specifically for her husband. The smaller amount was laced with arsenic, and Sabrina Limon gave it to her husband to take to work.

But after Robert Limon left, Hearn and Sabrina Limon began worrying about getting caught, the documents said. They worried arsenic would be found in his blood if a criminal investigation was opened, and cellphone records would show they had been in contact, Hearn told detectives.

They decided to abandon the plan, and Sabrina Limon called her husband at work and told him to throw out the pudding because it didn't taste right, Hearn told detectives.

Sabrina Limon has pleaded not guilty to murder, conspiracy, solicitation to commit murder, attempted murder, poisoning and accessory charges. She is set to appear in court Friday.

Hearn pleaded guilty earlier this month to gunning down Robert Limon. He agreed to testify against Sabrina Limon as part of the plea agreement, which stipulates he will be sentenced to 25 years and four months in prison.

Sabrina Limon was originally arrested with Hearn in November 2014, but released shortly afterward. She was rearrested Jan. 6 in Camarillo.

Sabrina Limon told Hearn where her husband was working and his schedule on the day of the killing, according to court documents. Investigators said she and Hearn talked for 80 minutes on the phone after her husband left for work that day.

Surveillance cameras captured images of Hearn leaving the building after the shooting.

Interviewed in the months after the killing, Sabrina Limon admitted to having an affair with Hearn, telling detectives she and her husband had a "semi-open relationship" in which they engaged in casual sex with other people. But she said she fell in love with Hearn.

"We got in deep," she told detectives.

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