sage ranch

A view of the proposed Sage Ranch Clubhouse.

Sage Ranch, a local housing development, will break ground as early as this summer, say its developers.

According to Greenbriar Capital, the master developer, Sage Ranch is a proposed 1,000-unit housing development in the city of Tehachapi, per a marketing agreement with Keller Williams Forward Living will sell each unit of its subdivision.

Stuart Nacht, builder for Sage Ranch, said the project will feature free market housing, and not subsidized housing.

Price point will range between $275,000 and $395,000. Homeowners association fees are estimated at $90 per month.

Sage Ranch, which will be located immediately adjacent to the high school, will feature solar panel rooftops. Amenities will include a pool, organic gardens, soccer park, tennis and basketball courts, a 2-acre central park, walking paths and a 4,500-square-foot clubhouse.

The development will be built in stages over the next four or five years, said Nacht. It will feature 200 upscale apartments, all two story with covered parking, private entrances and balconies.

"You have to have high-scale apartments when you are in a community that also has housing," Nacht said.

Nacht went on to say that every year, Greenbriar will build an additional 200 houses, including 50 condos, 50 apartments, 50 units for seniors and 50 single family houses.

"One of the things I like most about Sage Ranch is it appeals to several different groups from seniors who want to scale down to young families just starting out, and everyone in between. I'm excited about this project and what it can do for our incredible community," said Marty Pay, chairman of the advisory board for Sage Ranch.

The $400 million development is expected to bring $300 million of construction jobs and materials to the Tehachapi Valley economy, add $3 million of annual land tax revenue, add $1.5 million per month of new consumer retail expenditures to downtown, and provide $20 million in real estate commissions to the local real estate industry, Nacht said.

"We will always have a variety of products at all times," Nacht said. "It's better for the public, they get more choice, and it's better for me because I can appeal to a broader market."

According to Nacht, per an environmental water study approved by the city of Tehachapi, the city, as a water provider, has adequate water sources.

Asked if there will be any mitigation for the effects on the police/fire departments and schools, Nacht said, "The city of Tehachapi charges fees with each building permit to help mitigate impact on police, fire, schools, and parks."

Sage Ranch is currently taking names on a waiting list that will be moved to a reservation list at the end of January. Those interested can contact the office at 101 E. Tehachapi Blvd. or call 972-1551.

"Growth will come, but with Sage Ranch it's not haphazard; it's a beautiful community that will only enhance Tehachapi," Pay said. "This is growth, but it's growth done right." 

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