In the days since COVID-19, maintaining good health, but in a safe environment, has become top priority. Understanding that gym services are vital to good health, Sculpt365 Health Clubs continue to remain open 24 hours a day, and have been the only such facilities in Kern County to be allowed to operate as an essential business, much like a doctor’s office.

Sculpt365 locations in Tehachapi and Bakersfield are also the only health clubs in California with the AirPHX system that kills the coronavirus both in the air and on surfaces.

Two years ago, gym owner Terry Delamater said, he read an article in one of his fitness magazines about the system. Encouraged by the article, Delamater contacted AirPHX to inquire about purchasing them for his health clubs.

He first installed the system at Scupt365 in Oildale, which was chosen as a beta test site. 

More recently, he installed one in the Tehachapi health club.

According to its website, ( AirPHX test results show on average a 90 percent reduction of pathogens in the air and 95 percent on surfaces in facilities where the filtration system has been installed.

"AirPHX is not a filter or chemical disinfectant, but a patented plasma chamber that modifies oxygen molecules, killing bacteria and viruses on a cellular level. Because of AirPHX, our health clubs do not have the musty odor of a gym. The air smells clean and fresh due to the conversion of some oxygen molecules into hydrogen peroxide, while achieving a hospital level of cleanliness," Delamater said.

Delamater went on to say that every piece of equipment at his health clubs can now be thoroughly cleaned using the system by misting it with the hydrogen peroxide.

Said Delamater, "The level of cleanliness is much greater than using a spray bottle or rag. I'm not trying to say that the system takes away all the risks of the coronavirus. If you are working out at the gym, and another person with the virus gets too close to you, then you have that potential. But you are not going to get it by picking up a weight or using a piece of equipment that somebody had used."

Glowing reviews

"We’re very pleased with our AirPHX units. The odors from our locker room disappeared almost immediately. The test results from ‘before’ and ‘after’ germ test smears were most impressive... over a 90 percent improvement. We have plans for three units: one for our wrestling room, one for our Locker room, and one for our weight room. We like the fact that all we have to do eliminate germs is to flip a switch," wrote Loren Sandhop in 2019 on the AirPHX website.

Michael Albert of Tehachapi recommended Sculpt365 Tehachapi on the gym's Facebook page.

"Great affordable gym. I love this place," wrote Albert.

Located at 20936 Sage Lane, Sculpt 365 Health Clubs Inc. can be reached by calling 823-8205 or visiting or the Facebook page.