The Stallion Springs Police Department notes that interactions between wildlife and humans are becoming more prevalent, often because people aren't following the law or acting safely.

"Please do not feed, follow or harass wild animals as they are unpredictable and it’s a violation of California state law," a Stallion Springs police news release said.

The department offered these tips:

Animal proofing your property:

• Always keep trash, recycling, and compost in secure bins.

• Wait to put out trash until the morning of collection.

• Clean garbage and recycling bins with bleach or ammonia.

• Remove unsecured trash, food, and strongly scented items from vehicles and yard.

• Use simple, effective exclusion methods.

• Keep doors and windows closed and locked when unoccupied.

• Bring pets inside at night. Keep livestock in secure pens at night.

• Eliminate access to potential den sites (e.g., crawl spaces under decks).

• Store barbecue grills in secure shed or garage - and keep clean - when not in use.

Use simple, effective deterrent methods.

• Install motion-activated lights, noise or alarms.

• Install electric fencing around chicken coops and animal enclosures.

• Deploy sensory deterrent where potential access to attractants may occur (e.g., place ammonia in shallow bowl).

Use “wildlife-smart” landscaping.

• Remove bird feeders from yard.

• Plant native flowers to attract birds instead.

• Do not feed other wildlife – this will attract bears and mountain lions.

• Pick ripe fruit off trees, and promptly collect fruit that falls off trees.

Respect the animals

• Give animals adequate space as this is their natural habit.

• Do not approach wildlife up-close to take a picture. Take a picture from a safe distance.

• Do not harass and annoy wildlife.