SunSelect Produce Inc. recently announced that the company will sell its state-of-the-art Cummings Valley 65-acre greenhouse facility to Equilibrium, an Oregon-based real assets investor.

"Although we are sad to be leaving the Cummings Valley and the wonderful town, and the people of Tehachapi, we are delighted to see this world-class facility continue to provide high-quality, safe and sustainable production of vegetables for the California consumers," Len Krahn, CEO of SunSelect, said in a news release.

SunSelect will continue to operate the greenhouse facilities until March 9. Then Equilibrium will then take over operations.

SunSelect has spent the last five years producing tomatoes and bell peppers using hydroponic methods to export for U.S. and worldwide consumers.

Products grown at the facility will change.

Equilibrium and partner Revol Greens will use advanced technology to grow lettuces and leafy greens, making Tehachapi a leader in greenhouse lettuces, added the news release.

"We are excited to carry on SunSelect's commitment to the Cummings Valley whose reputation as a strong ag and business community was very important to us," Equilibrium's Chairman David Chen said in the release.

Tehachapi News asked company representatives via email whether the new company will still use local employees, if tomatoes and peppers will be eliminated and if SunSelect will still be owner to the fields of hemp near the greenhouses.

The new owners plan on hiring a full team to operate the greenhouses and shift their focus to grow lettuce. The elimination of some positions may be expected, Krahn said in an email.

He added, "The entire property was sold and so the acreage on which hemp was grown will be owned and operated by the new owners who we understand have no current plans to continue to grow industrial hemp."

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