city map

Areas wehre the city plans to improve streets are shown in yellow.

The Tehachapi City Council met April 19 and discussed a variety of topics, including several street projects.

The first is the 2021 Surface Treatment of Residential Streets Project. The council awarded the project to American Asphalt South Inc., in the amount of $238,625.96, including an authorization for the city manager to approve any necessary changes ups to 20 percent, or $47,725.

"This is a large project," said City Manager Greg Garrett. "It has a lot of streets that we will be sealing, potholing and that kind of stuff."

According to Garrett, the city receives "a little bit" of road money every year for road maintenance.

"But we don't get enough to make a big difference, so we save that money for a couple of years," Garrett said.

Resurfacing will continue over the next month or two.

The City Council also approved the Active Transportation Program Snyder Avenue Gap Closure Project. The curb and gutter portion of the project was awarded to R.C. Becker and Son, Inc., in the amount of $839,717.51, including authorization for the city manager to make any necessary construction changes up to $370,282.39. 

The project will encompass from Tehachapi Boulevard up Snyder Avenue to Valley Boulevard.

"We are going to rebuild that street in its entirety this year," the city manager said.

Currently, some portions of the street lack curb and gutters, and pavement meets dirt. Also, some of the sidewalk is crumbling.

Said Garrett, "It will look nice and function well so we can stay safe."

The second part of the project will include a separate award to be made for asphalt.

"By the end of summer, Snyder will be completely rebuilt from top to bottom," Garrett said.

The third street project was a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a program supplement agreement to administer federal aid for the Pinion Street paving project and resolution.

"This is an agreement with the city of Tehachapi and Caltrans for the Pinion Street extension," the city manager said. "We will be extending Pinion Street for its terminus at the Heritage Oak neighborhood area and connecting it to Dennison. But, we have a lot of paperwork to do before that."

The city will also be advertising for seats of three planning commissioners, whose terms will end June 30.

Charles White, Steve Hamblin and Daryl Christensen currently hold the seats.

"We hope and encourage the three incumbents to reapply because they have done quite a job," the city manager said. "We are also encouraging other residents to apply, and the council will select from the list of applicants."

Garrett said the planning commissioners are an integral part of the city's success.

Applications will be accepted through May, with selections to be made in early June. Applications will be accepted at City Hall or filed electronically on the city's website at

The only requirement is that you live in the city of Tehachapi. There are no term limits.

"Traditionally, we have always had great talent apply," Garrett said. "I wouldn't want to be in the city council's position to select an applicant."

Other agenda items included the approval of the National Day of Prayer special event. The event will be held Thursday, May 6, and will kick off with a one-hour Prayer Rally at noon in front of City Hall on Robinson Street. The public is invited.

Another special event application that was approved was the Memorial Day Parade,which will be held on F Street starting at the old Kmart parking lot and making its way to Central Park, where a ceremony will be held. The American Legion will host the event.

Said Garrett, "We encourage folks to come out and show their support of all of our veterans who have served, whether in war time or not."