Famed Tehachapi Loop

A long freight train heading east winds around the famous Tehachapi Loop. The loop was built in the 1800s by Chinese immigrants. This photo was taken from a trail off of Woodford-Tehachapi Road three miles off of Highway 58 near Keene.

New possible development near the Tehachapi Loop, Kern County news and other topics were discussed at the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council meeting on Aug. 5.

Kern County Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner provided several updates.

A viewing platform that could give tourists space to view the Tehachapi Loop is under discussion. Funding and planning for the project is a partnership among Scrivner’s office, the Kern County Public Works Department and Friends of the Tehachapi Depot.

Scrivner said after the meeting that Kern County Public Works is researching design work for the project, but money still has to be raised. If the platform is built in the future, the historical marker would be moved onto the new area.

“We take tour buses up there and there is no place for people to stand. This will be a safety item," Keith Sackewitz, vice president for Friends of the Tehachapi Depot, said in an interview with Tehachapi News.

He will provide a visual presentation on the goals of the project during the EDC's Oct. 3 meeting.

Friends of Depot is working to create partnerships in the community for materials, labor, earth moving equipment and other supplies, Scrivner said.

Scrivner also reported that:

  • New showers and restrooms at Tehachapi Mountain Park are slated to be built in the next few months. The more than $600,000 project will bring in “military grade strength” facilities. The park is located at 17350 Water Canyon Road, southwest of city limits.
  • Scrivner said the Kern County budget has been finalized and 2.5 percent has been cut out of all departments' budgets, except the Kern County Sheriff's Office and Kern County Fire Department.

Other news

  • Four facility areas that have been under construction at California Correctional Institution Tehachapi have been completed and a new pharmacy will also be open this month, said Lt. Garcia, public information officer for CCI.