Stay Hydrated

The city of Tehachapi's podcast, TehachaPod, has been honored by the 16th Annual w3 Awards as a Silver Award recipient, the city learned Oct. 5.

TehachaPod was recognized in the category of General Series – Public Service & Activism for the episode "Where does Tehachapi’s water come from?" This episode was published March 26; listen to it at

“It is an honor to be recognized for communicating with our community, sharing information and utilizing technology in ways government agencies aren’t known to do. TehachaPod is a communication tool to reach as many people as possible in Tehachapi,” community engagement specialist and TehachaPod co-host Key Budge said in a news release.

TehachaPod, also co-hosted by City Manager Greg Garrett and Economic Development Coordinator Corey Costelloe, is in its second season and has released more than free 100 episodes on local issues.