ann carroll

Ann Carroll

For almost a year now, things have been really unusual for our community. Many people have been home more and at work less — I think maybe our pets have been thrilled to have us home. But when they do accidentally get out and go roaming, there really aren’t the same authorities out there to pick them up and get them to safety.

Due to the pandemic, most of the animal shelters are either closed or on limited working hours, and it has become difficult to go through the steps we used to take to try and recover our lost pets. Our closest animal shelter in Mojave has closed altogether.

At Have A Heart Humane Society, we still have wonderful, caring people come into our premises with lost pets they have found, and the first thing that we do is to scan them for a microchip. We hold our breath, waiting for the scanner to beep, hoping a number will come up, but nine times out of 10, it doesn’t happen. The fact that the pet isn’t chipped now complicates the procedure to find this poor baby’s family, and it doesn’t often run smoothly, and doesn’t always end well. If your pet is chipped, and the contact information is current, we can always get your precious baby back to you!

We encourage you to chip your pets — come right in to Rescued Treasures, our resale shop next to Radio Shack, and we can microchip your pet — dog or cat- for $12. It’s a no-brainer! (Have A Heart has also provided our three local police departments with chip scanners too, in case our shop is closed when you should find a lost fur baby.)

Our current schedule of open days until further notice is Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The $12 cost for a microchip is a great deal. It is SO worth it; losing a pet is heartbreaking, as we all know. Hope to see you in Rescued Treasures for a chip and to shop in the cutest store in Tehachapi!

Ann Carroll is a board member of Have a Heart.