The cute little resale shop that benefits Have A Heart Humane Society has finally almost returned to its original days and hours! The COVID situation took its toll on everyone and shut us down completely for several months, then limited our open days, and now we feel safe enough to be open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday is still adoption day. We are looking forward to opening on Tuesday as soon as we can! Rescued Treasures, if you are not familiar with Have A Heart, is the name of the resale shop that is the heart of our pet rescue, and it is located right next to Radio Shack at the corner of Tucker and Valley.

Unfortunately, the closest animal shelter to Tehachapi (Mojave) has closed down permanently, and there isn’t a shelter within a 50-mile radius, which leaves the local rescues all in the same boat. We are scrambling to find safe places for stray pets and the only way to do that is to find foster homes with kind-hearted volunteers. For many years Have A Heart has worked to bring down the pet overpopulation by sponsoring low-cost spay and neuter clinics. This has also been affected by the COVID pandemic, as have the rising veterinarian costs, and unavailability of certain vet supplies. We are hopefully back on track now and will publish our clinics as they become scheduled.

Unfortunately, the number of dogs and cats that get lost or run the streets hasn’t changed. But we are still offering microchips in our shop for $12, so if your furry best friend gets out, he can be returned to you and save you that heartbreak. Microchips are the answer, especially if you input the correct information and keep it current. Have A Heart has given a microchip scanner to each of the local police departments, and have taught them how use it, so we can all help the critters to get home to their rightful owners.

Our organization has once again participated in presenting scholarship money to deserving high school seniors, and the recipient(s) will be announced and presented soon. And those students who are participating in the prom might find some lovely jewelry items to go with your formal at Rescued Treasures — come look!

We are still welcoming your generous donations at Rescued Treasures, so if you have had time to gather items you no longer need, we will gladly take them. Every beautiful item you donate to our shop will generate funding for everything that Have A Heart Humane Society tries to do to save and enrich pet lives in Tehachapi and our surrounding area. And please consider joining our ranks of volunteers and foster families — we really need you!

Ann Carroll is a board member of Have a Heart.