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Tracy Kelly

In case you follow the educational scene in our little town, and I hope you do, and use Facebook for more than just chili recipes, if you have any spicy ones, please send them my way. OK, that last sentence got way off topic. I love a good chili with cornbread. Sadly, my wife is allergic to corn, so we do not have any in my house. Poor me. Sorry, back to the point. I have seen and become a follower of two Facebook groups, Alt Ed and Reopen Tehachapi Schools.

Reopen Tehachapi Schools is focused on what the title says, Reopen Tehachapi Schools. This group and its 500 plus members are pushing to get our schools to open for the good of our students. There are lots of opinions and information in this group. It is a private group. With all the members, you have probably heard about it. The admin of the group is no longer a local resident, but served many of our most needy children.

The other group, Alt Ed, is led by a husband-and-wife team Kimberly and Deik Maxwell. They were able to share about their group with me for this article. Kimberly is also a part of the Reopen Tehachapi Schools group. We had a lovely, long and lazy Monday afternoon discussion. They were kind enough to invite me into their home. What a view! I wonder why I did not get offered chili and cornbread?!? Maybe they did not know about my love for chili. Plus, it was 70 degrees that day. Oh well.

My main takeaway from talking with these two is this: Resource.

They have children in the TUSD system. They want them back in school, face to face with their peers and teachers, as most of us do.

They also know that not everyone is as blessed as they are, and they want to be your resource for anything educational that they can be. They want to help empower parents, guardians, grandparents, foster parents, whoever. They want to help you!

They and other fellow Tehachapi residents are working together to help all of us!

They may not have all the answers BUT they will work together and with others to find out everything that they can.

The situation that our government has forced on us, good, bad, or indifferent, depending on your view, is unfortunate and burdensome for many. These two people, two heroes, Kimberly and Deik, and their legion of fellow Tehachapi residents, all heroes, are working together to make sure that we have the resources to make the most of what many call a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal.

If you or anyone you know has children or any families that you think could use some additional support, resources, encouragement, etc., I highly recommend contacting these two. If you do not know how to do that, please feel free to contact me, tracykelly1220@gmail or 912-4684, and I will forward your information to them. Yes, I am fully aware that I put my personal information here, but I also am fully aware that I want to help assist in any way that I can. Plus, my information is already public so why not!

This opinion belongs solely to me. This is not the opinion of the TUSD board, or any members of said board. It is not the opinion of the superintendent. It is not the opinion of any TUSD employees.

Tracy Kelly is newly elected to the Tehachapi Unified School District board. The opinions are his own.