Dear Tehachapi High School graduating class of 2020:

You were born during calamity (9-11), you saw your share of grief and loss at too tender of an age, and now, you graduate high school during a pandemic. My heart deeply hurts for you, but it also believes that all this tragedy you have experienced will cause you to make a greater and more compassionate impact on your world.

When I lost Captain Trone in 2011, you were there to get me through those terrible days, and for that, I love you so very much! Thank you for being my light in a dark world. I feel so privileged to have been your fourth-grade teacher, and I am proud, proud, proud of ALL of you. Now, go out and shine your incredibly bright flame to that great big world that awaits you! Congratulations, most auspicious class of 2020!


When you think of purple, think of me

For I will ever always be

Your teacher in your other lives

In heartache and in paradise

I’ll be with you at Disneyland

Or at the beach, I’ll hold your hand

To keep you safe from lurking sharks

And when you have those question marks

About your life or education

Or in regard to our great nation

And the beauty that it holds in store

From its mountains to its distant shore

Those stories that you loved to hear

About my life that I hold dear

I’ll be around to tell you tales

And you with pictures will regale

Because I want you all to learn to live

And through experiences love to give

To others who are so in need

You’ll sacrifice until they’re freed

And pass on that hope we learned together

So, the world can learn to live forever

And know the love that we have shared

Will make a difference because we cared.

Mrs. Denise Trone/aka Senor Bob (circa April 2012), Tehachapi

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