Problem solving isn’t difficult if plain old common sense is used. For instance, if an airplane repeatedly crashes because the wings fall off, it does no good to fix the landing gear. That obvious truth also applies to the massive social unrest going on in our country now.

Many rioters say that the only solution to our current problems is to defund law enforcement and get rid of prisons. That is wrong-headed and is a classic case of fixing the landing gear, but not addressing the real problem. I submit that the real reason the wings are falling off our airplane is that too few people respect our system of law and order across all levels in our society.

Imagine if everybody just obeyed all existing laws. There would be no crime, and fewer police and prisons would be needed, which amazingly is exactly what the protesters in the streets want. Also, there would be no bad cops for people to interact with, which is how just about all recent police killings started. This approach would cost absolutely nothing and could actually save billions of dollars in our legal system.

I and everyone I know have had no trouble living lives as a law-abiding citizens; it is not that hard to do. So let’s forget the landing gear and try fixing the wings for a change. Let’s promote law and order and teach it in our schools from day one forward. What have we got to lose?

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi

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