On April 30, the very presence of the Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley Hospital and their staff changed the course of my life forever by saving my husband’s life. That’s right. If this hospital did not exist in this location, I would be planning my husband’s funeral rather than our dinner tonight. Here’s how it happened.

Last Thursday, after a walk around the neighborhood and a typical dinner, my husband decided to descend our property to water his lavender plants. Shortly after this, I received a call from him, telling me he was in trouble. After descending the hill, I find him having severe chest pain, cold, clammy and sweating profusely. I can see this is a classic heart attack, so I get the car and a bottle of aspirin and we head for the emergency room.

As I’m getting out of the car, two medical personal rush out the door to hear me screaming, “My husband is having a heart attack!” They are followed by another person pushing a wheelchair to pick up my husband. Due to the pandemic, I had to remain in my car throughout the events of this night.

From my husband’s report, he was quickly administered pain killers and medications to stabilize his heart. He could hear the activities of many medical personnel working hard to save his life. Soon, they determined that he had experienced a STEMI heart attack. which meant that the front artery supplying most of the blood to his heart was 100 percent blocked. Every minute counted. They called ahead to Adventist Health Bakersfield to alert them to the emergency patient coming their way and the cardiologist surgeon and his staff on call were summoned.

By the time my husband reached the Bakersfield hospital, the cardiac catheterization team were in the operating room waiting. My husband was rushed in and promptly received the life-saving stent operation. This is exactly why the Adventist Health hospital is so great an asset to the people of Tehachapi. They performed a high-quality diagnosis and coordinated a smooth transition for the timely treatment that saved my husband’s life.

On top of it, as my husband was feeling imminent death, a kind doctor whispered in his ear that a 42-year-old friend of his had suffered this same condition and was up and walking within three days. He offered HOPE!

Thank you to the Adventist Health hospitals and staff for all the lives you improve and often SAVE! I might add that had my husband not been carrying his cell phone to call for help, he never would have made it to the hospital.

Connie Lynch, Tehachapi

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