The intersection of Indian Wells and Carriage Lane could be a deathtrap for speeding motorists if they hit a deer. A recent Saturday morning is an example of a motorist that hit a mother doe.

We have become greatly familiar with the herd of deer this year especially the two mothers, one with three fawns and the other with twins. We believe it was the mother of the three fawns that was hit that morning.

At first we thought she was dead as she just laid there and bleeding from both ears. However, she regained consciousness and jumped over my back fence with what looked like a broken leg.

Of the several authorities that were called, no one responded. 

As the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, it blinds the driver of speeding vehicles. Drivers could come upon the creatures without warning, cause extreme bodily injury, destroy their vehicle, and kill the animals.

While living in the mountains is wonderful, those of us who live at the above location can only warn fast drivers to slow down! We caution to double check the limbs of trees for wildlife and especially our deer population.

LaNelle Thompson, Tehachapi

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