To all those born between 1946 to 1964, we already know how lucky we were… when we were all growing up in the '50s and '60s, our elders used to say, “I wish I were your age,” and all because of the higher quality of life and opportunities that those before us never had.

As we slowly became the elders, do any of us want to change places with the young now?

Just look back and think… the cost of living was low, cheap and natural food, abundant cheap energy, cars you could work on and had character, family entertainment and plenty of leisure time where we weren’t slaves to technology.

Jobs were plentiful and good paying. We didn’t need China and products were proudly built to last.

Drugs and divorce had not yet shattered our families, and 24/7 traumatizing propaganda news had not yet turned us into humanoids devoid of critical thinking.

Baby Boomers enjoyed lives where because of such things as pensions and savings; they could retire debt-free.

A time when you had freedom to be yourself, to be different, a time when you had guaranteed rights.

Of course it was mostly an illusion, but one that had way more happy memories than anything the young could ever imagine now.

We loved our country, only our "governments" never loved us. We believed all lives mattered, not least the young — as sadly they will easily be programmed to embrace the great-reset and its false promises, believing they had the BEST life!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi