Willie and Joe were two World War II GI cartoon characters that were drawn by Bill Mauldin. One of my favorites showed these two characters in a foxhole pointing their rifles at a Nazi soldier in another foxhole at the end of World War II. Willie says to Joe, “I’m not putting mine (his rifle) down until he puts his down.”

Military equipment like planes, helicopters, ships, tanks, trucks, rockets, clothing, some of the chemicals used in explosives, medications, medical equipment, etc. all use fossil fuels. Taking away fossil fuels is tantamount to Willie putting down his rifle and becoming defenseless.

The first duty of the president is to defend the country, but that can’t be done without military equipment that needs fossil fuels because alternatives are not as widely available or as inexpensive as fossil fuels. Banning fossil fuels may make environmentalists feel good, but it is a fool’s errand that will delight our enemies and drastically affect our ability to defend ourselves.

All voters should factor this into their decision on who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi

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