If you have no backbone when things are tough, then you have no backbone at all. If you wear shirts saying how "brave" you are, and how you'll "defend freedom" while you bow to the worst tyranny America has ever seen, then you will defend nothing. If you won't speak up now then you will probably never ever speak up. It is time to start only "hanging out" or associating with others who are brave.

Allan Stevo said recently that if another person is not brave, then no matter how much else you "agree" with them on paper, it means nothing. We are in an era where the same people who burned their draft cards are now supporting "where's you vaccination card?"

And when you realize that abortion kills more humans than any 20th century dictator could have dreamed of, you have to realize that you are currently living in what we see in history books as "horrible times." You must not give up! You must be brave upon brave! Surround yourself with other brave people even if you disagree with them on some things. You must begin to realize that a coward agrees with you on nothing. A coward will post anything, wear a "tough" T-shirt, maybe even talk tough in conversation, but they have nothing when it matters. Another brave person will never agree with you 100 percent and they don't have to! Be brave, for the love of God and all things Holy, be brave!

— Darrrel Sipes, Tehachapi