If you’re of a certain age, you may recall that iconic song from that 1966 movie with the lions.

“Born free, as free as the wind blows. As free as the grass grows. Born free to follow your heart. Live free, and beauty surrounds you. The world still astounds you. Each time you look at a star…. Stay free, where no walls divide you. You're free as the roaring tide. So there's no need to hide. Born free, and life is worth living. But only worth living if you’re…”

The very lyrics of this Oscar winning song went on to represent more than just the plight of a lioness born in the wild and then domesticated. It became the anthem for freedom movements the world over.

Now in this time of COVIDism, the lyrics take on a far more foreboding meaning — or should I say warning?

Tehachapi is surrounded by beauty, the wind certainly blows and the grass grows when it’s not burning, and the world astounds us when we look at the stars.

But like everywhere else now and sadly unlike the song, we are totally divided with the walls that are politics and PC-unsocial media, and we’re even told to hide in our homes by the same unseen powers that always profit from a crisis thanks to division, distraction and deceit.

As for freedom and life being worth living, that’s going to take ALL of us refusing to become like animals in captivity!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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