After a week of no school due to the Presidents’ Day holiday and snow days, I, and I’m sure many other parents in the Tehachapi Unified School District, were anxious for our children to get back to class. However, due to continued protests from anti-public health radicals using their children as soldiers in their war against common sense, TUSD threw in the towel, canceling school for all instead of dealing with the continued distractions, disturbances and disrespect perpetuated by a small minority.

Let’s be very clear here: mask mandates have worked. They protect the most vulnerable in our society, they relieve stress on our medical system, and they are almost a thing of the past as the omicron surge recedes. On March 1, the mask mandate will likely be rescinded, parent volunteers will be back on campus, and school functions and dances restored. So why protest now? Especially when the district does not make the rules, but must enforce them.

I hope those who took part in the mask protest are satisfied. You forced our teachers and school staff to suffer from your behavior last week on campus. Your actions are now causing hardship for every parent and child in the district. As for TUSD, shame on the district for punishing all by canceling school instead of dealing with those causing the disruption.

— Lauren Fairweather, Tehachapi