They got us on this one. I did it — quarantined, stayed home and listened to the government that locked us down.

Since then, I have talked to a lot of medical personnel all claiming that the coronavirus has been here since last October. Do I believe medical personnel or politicians and the media?

Now what's going on? I have heard several conspiracy theories. The Chinese killing off the weak, the Democrats trying a last-ditch effort to dethrone Trump, our government testing to see how much they can control the people along with a few variations on those same lines.

According to the CDC, 5,540 people died of the flu in the United States between January and March 21. They claim 12,064 have died from the coronavirus in the U.S. in the same timeframe. Missouri reports 136 deaths from the flu and 53 from the coronavirus also in the same timeframe. That seems odd that the people in Missouri don't die as much from the coronavirus as they do from the flu.

I'm not sure what is really going on, but I do know this: God is great, beer is good and politicians are crazy.

Oh wait. A new conspiracy theory: The Sacramento Kings are willing to rent the Natodmas Arena to California for a mere $500,000 a month to be used as a hospital.

Holy gosh, the Newsoms and the King owners are friends. Go figure. That's weird.

Jeff Larson, Tehachapi

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