It’s time to publicly admit that none of us were prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels (global, nation, state, county, city, community, family, individual). So let’s just stop wasting energy, time and communications at all levels by blaming, scapegoating and politicizing this terrible pandemic, to collectively accept responsibility for it, to unite in the cause as human beings to stop it from spreading and killing further.

Epidemiologists since the 1918 Spanish Flu andemic, virologists since the 2002 SARS coronavirus from China and since the 2014 ebola virus from Africa have been warning the entire world that another viral pandemic was due soon but no one listened or prepared (five years time lost). That viral pandemic arrived in 2019 as COVID-19 and spread all around the world. The latter stage symptoms of ebola virus in 2014 were nearly identical to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic symptoms, so these viral outbreaks aren’t random isolated events, they’re connected and they’re going to keep coming in waves. What’s happening now is no coincidence, for 85 percent of the genome sequenced DNA in COVID-19 was found to be identical to that of the SARS coronavirus in 2002.

So it’s time to set new priorities at all levels and to listen to the doctors of the world who’ve studied and treated these viruses for a change. Some people aren’t even listening to nor following the doctors and officials guidelines for COVID-19 even now which is incomprehensible, in view of history.

As the saying goes, “history repeats itself.” It has via COVID-19 and it will again. Our grandparents lived to be age 98 after surviving World War I, the Spanish Flu pandemic (when they were 17 years old), World War II, the stock market crash and the Great Depression. What did they know back then that we don’t know now, what did they do back then which we’re not doing now and what has been lost over time which must be regained, in order for us to survive, as they did?

— Cynthia Jacobson, Tehachapi

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