Heads up Golden Hills residents! Is there a reason we are not being alerted about burglars, car break-ins, prowlers, peeping Toms, etc.?

A burglar who robs or plunders and then escapes up or down a convenient ravine is creating havoc in the area. A couple on Quail Springs met face to face in their hallway as they returned from grocery store around 5 p.m. Dec. 5.

Another resident had his car ransacked and keys stolen; others have had intrusions attempted.

A resident on an evening walk watched someone who stood outside the bedroom window of children and watched them getting ready for bed.

Cameras have caught a figure escaping up a back ravine. To put the prowler(s) on alert, some residents feel they are getting close to identifying the culprit. His characteristics are enough to reveal him.

City police are only backups to the sheriff. Recognizing shortages in the Sheriff's Department, it appears that our neighborhood watch must ramp up the system. In the meanwhile, Golden Hills residents and adjacent neighbors in the area need to have an update on crime in our quiet, unlighted area.

Keep cars locked and doors and windows secured. Screens on windows and doors are being destroyed.

Residents whose homes are located with ravines bordering their property should pay close attention to safety of the home. If all residents will carefully observe for the Christmas season, maybe we can stop this person.

Laura Briggs, Golden Hills