Democrat Governor Newsom is going to release 8,000 prisoners because the virus is spreading in prisons. I thought masks worked? Is he requiring prisoners to wear masks? Liberal “logic” is just release the prisoners, infected or not, back into the community regardless of their crimes.

Like stopping the reopening of communities the same day. The national jobs report came out showing almost 5 million jobs added and unemployment going down. Liberal “logic” is you can’t go to the beach or go camping, but feel free to burn down a family-owned businesses because the virus stays clear of that.

I can’t imagine being a lifelong Democrat knowing I voted for a party that decimated inner cities, supports infanticide, gets funding from Planned Parenthood, which was created by a racist who wanted to control minority populations, no school choice for minorities in inner cities who live next to failing schools, the party that created the KKK, wants to defund police unless the politicians need one, Obama the most corrupt president in U.S. history, decimated jobs in the U.S. in order to send them abroad, wants open borders so more people can be “oppressed” in the U.S. Politicized liberal Hollywood, academia, big tech, social media, corporate America, the media, and then complains about the racist system they created because they lust for power. Keep up the great work, President Trump.

Derek Anderson, Tehachapi

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