BVS is facing a much larger problem overshadowing its CSD election issues such as road repairs, property taxes and fire exits. It is facing a sudden outpouring of hate speech and intimidation through social media — harassment, bullying, character assassinations, mudsling and much worse by a small group of BVS residents attempting to drag national politics into a CSD board election for two seats on the board.

Yes, this group of malcontents has every right under the First Amendment to campaign for their candidate, but to what extent does it cross the line of civility and decency? My neighbor stated to me, “This CSD election is war, and we will do anything to win.” I ask myself, do the people spreading hate and fear among their neighbors not realize after Nov. 3, they will continue to live in this community, which they are working so hard to divide?

This is not a ball game with a winning team, this is life; and there is a good possibility in the future these malcontents spreading vicious personal attacks via social media and campaign signage may need to call upon their neighbors who they have so nastily attacked. After Nov. 3, things will go back to business as usual in our community, but at what expense? The hate mongering and spiteful maligning of one’s character will not be forgotten nor forgiven by many in this community.

Caroline Compean-Carpenter, Tehachapi

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