Service animal: This is per ADA title II and III. These are dogs only and are for service to those people with ADA. They are to be under the control of that person at all times and harnessed.

All of that to say this, the other day while at the big box hardware store in Tehachapi and with arms full of items, I was walking toward the checkout area. The store has items for sale in the center lanes and narrow areas to walk either to the right or left.

Customers were walking toward me and it happened that one of the customers walking toward me had this large black pitbull dog. The dog did have a chest harness and the lady with this dog was having trouble maintaining control of this large dog. As we both grew nearer to each other, for whatever reason — I don't know why — this dog locked eyes on me and it began pulling the woman forward.

I thought "this is it." The woman with great effort turned and pulled the dog into a side aisle. I don't know if this woman had an ADA. Had that dog latched on to me (82 years old), who is to blame —  the store, or the woman? Should there not be a sign at the doors regarding ADA and a muzzle perhaps for these kind of dogs?

— John Gonzales, Tehachapi