It's very simple. Fully open all the schools so that those people who are not afraid to LIVE LIFE can go, and those who are scared to live can do whatever else they want to do, like people have always done forever!

Our school district already has a home school program for those who are too afraid to do in-person learning.

Taking temperatures of kids like they're lab rats, forcing them to wear masks like Sharia Law, telling them they must distance from friends, not allowing children to have recess and play is absolute and utter madness!

Those in authority who have pretended to have our children's best interests at heart have proven themselves to be frauds or worse.

If fully opened, if actual school is not offered (not New Normal Garage School) next year, then I highly encourage everyone to fully home school their children with curriculum they choose and make sure that Tehachapi Unified School District doesn't get a dime of our tax money for a service they are not providing.

Now, if those in authority will show some guts and do what's right then all can be forgiven. But for goodness sake if they won't open up all the way then at least pull your money and put your kids in club sports instead of the school sports. It's a travesty how that district has acted like they are in L.A. instead of Small Town USA. And yes, some are trying hard, not speaking against them.

Darrel Sipes, Tehachapi