In April, I reminded our Tehachapi City Council that our county of Kern has the worst air quality in the United States, but I did present them with a solution, which now has its own song, "Electric freight trucks, go so long, go so long, go so long ... and make the air so clean, air so clean, air so clean." 

Unfortunately, I used up their childlike rule that speakers are only allowed the honor of three minutes to explain one of the world's most important problems.

Later, I was allowed to meet with the city manager, and he stated that the highway was not within his jurisdiction. Last week, the California Air Permit Resources passed the ACT (Advanced Clean Truck) rule. I prefer my name, EFT (Electric Freight Trucks), but that's OK. Progress is being made.

There are about 2 million trucks in California, and if each EFT is used in the most polluted areas in Kern County on the most polluted DRAT (Dirty Rotten Air Today, as referred to in the U.K.), then they can make a big difference. We should have collected a large amount in gasoline taxes by now because gasoline and diesel have caused the problem these 100 years, therefore these taxes must be used to help cure the problem.

There are many other sides to this project and other parts to this adventure such as using the KWTs produced by our turbines — 100 percent of which now goes to L.A., I think, but we will get to that.

Mike MacKenzie, Tehachapi

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