There are angels in Tehachapi! I was at the Apple Festival where I was handling the money at the booth selling beer and wine. It was extremely windy and rocks held down the stacks of bills. Someone paid with a $50 bill. I was attempting to put it away, when a sudden gust of wind swept through the cash box.

I saw something caught by that wind and it was carried away. I searched to see what it might have been, and I could not find that $50 bill. I hunted all around, but there was no sign of it. Two young women joined in the search when they saw my distress. I was certainly upset and knew I would have to replace that money.

It was some time later that those two young women returned. They handed me a $50 bill. I gasped in surprise, "Did you find it?" "No," they replied, "We're replacing it so you won't have to worry."

I didn't learn their names or memorize their faces, but I'll never forget their compassion and generosity.

— Phyllis Belcher, Tehachapi