We’ve all experienced it as it happens to us just about every single day.

Once upon a time it was just about getting “the finger," but clearly that is not the case anymore. We now live with the greatest threat to our safety, where just like rape over 90 percent of road rage goes unreported.

You don’t have to cut someone off or just drive the speed limit to set the road-rager off, they just have to perceive that you did that to them intentionally.

Whether you travel the Tehachapi-Willow Springs road, the freeway or any other road, it’s bound to happen and it often results in death. It’s really attempted murder each time someone speeds up to overtake then slams on the brakes in front of you.

Remember, per capita there are far fewer CHP and police on the road than there were 50 years ago, so your only defense besides trying not to escalate the situation is to try to document it with video footage from a dashcam.

Just go on YouTube and see the hundreds of posted dashcam videos from ordinary drivers of just how dangerous everyday driving has now become!

People take out their aggression, frustration and all their behavioral problems on the road, and now with COVIDism their mental state is on steroids, and they have more of a death wish than ever and not just for themselves.

So please… resist the temptation to “get-even” with a road-rager; let a dashcam do that!

— Graham Hill, Tehachapi